Calidad Talent Means Quality Talent

Your people are our number one asset. At Calidad Talent Solutions, we are committed to providing you with outstanding professionals who not only meet your needs but who will also be a valuable team member.

Searches are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different positions require different talents, and it’s the level of talent you need that will dictate your recruiting options.

At Calidad Talent Solutions, we provide the people you need, when you need them. We specialize in the following practice areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Financial Services – specialize in clients who are seeking Experienced Financial Advisors throughout the US.
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Call Center
  • Information Technology

Our Services

Permanent Placement

Shorten your search for top talent. Calidad Talent Solutions will take 100% responsibility for finding the candidates you want to hire. As your recruiting partner, we will manage all aspects of the hiring process, including:

  • Developing the job description
  • Profiling your ideal candidate
  • Creating a sourcing strategy
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Completing telephone screens and in-person interviews
  • Administering assessment tests
  • Completing background screening
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Development and presentation of job offers

Our Searches

Retained Search

A search for top-level executives is best suited for a retained search agreement. As your exclusive search firm, we serve as a trusted strategic partner, helping you build a superior leadership team through identifying core leadership competencies, needs prioritization, continuity planning, and more

Engaged Search

This type of search is most typical with the manager and director-level positions. In engaged recruiting, a percentage of the fee is paid when the search starts, but the rest is only paid if our candidate is placed. If you want the middle ground between retained and contingency, an engaged search is the route to go.

Contingency Search

A contingent search is most commonly used for mid to senior-level to individual contributor roles. When working with an employer on a contingency basis, we are paid only after the recruiter finds a candidate that the client hires. The fee is typically paid on the first day of employment. The fees are based on the candidates’ first-year target compensation.

Recruiter On-Demand

Our Recruiter On-Demand (ROD) option specializes in fulfilling your immediate hiring business objectives. This solution provides focused support during challenging periods of the recruitment cycle such as peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions, compressed time frames, and special projects.

*We offer an On-Demand Recruiter Basic thru Full-Service package. Inquire for details. 

Contract Recruiting Service

Are you looking for a contractor? Need that perfect employee for 3 months or maybe 6 months? Let us help you find them!

With our contract services, we find that hard to find contract employee for you. Once the ideal candidate is found, they work for you on a contract basis. We bill a small percentage fee on a monthly basis for hours worked for the length of the contract. There is no committing. If you determine you would like to hire a contractor on a full-time basis then we will negotiate a fee based on time already worked.

Why Choose Calidad Talent Solutions?

Quality people. Great service. Responsive. Professional.

Identifying and hiring dependable employees can be costly and exhausting. By engaging Calidad Talent Solution Partners, there is never a fee to start the recruiting process. In addition, once that hire is made we provide a guarantee period that is longer than the industry average to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

In-Depth Screening Process

Prescreen & In-Person Interview

We save you time by meeting with each candidate in person and virtually and asking strategic questions, all with the goal of presenting ideal candidates who can meet your needs.

Skill Evaluation (Technology)

We take the guesswork out of skills assessment. With a wide array of testing available, we can ensure that our candidates have the required skills you need.

Reference Checks

We provide peace of mind through our due diligence. Supervisory reference checks are par for the course and we ask substantive questions that go much deeper than your tropical dates of employment and eligibility for rehire.

Repeat Customer Discount

We offer a competitive discount if we place more than one candidate with you in the same calendar year.

Search Options

We offer multiple solutions to meet your hiring needs so be sure to ask us about our various search options. 

Unique Replacement Program

We back our work with up to a 5-year replacement program.  Let us show you how!

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