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The principles of Calidad Talent Solutions have evaluated and implemented multiple assessment tools in global companies. Those tools improved production, retention, and diversity hiring. We have partnered with one the largest global personality assessment providers. Our partner possesses over 40 years of research and historical data to assist in evaluating who will be successful. Please click on the link to schedule an exploratory call on how can help!


Screening Tools

Add Speed To Your Hiring Process

1. Time Commitment (5-10 min)

2. Knock-out unqualified applications

3. Scientifically validated reliable tools

Ideal for:

  • Banking

  • Financial Sales

  • Insurance Agents

  • Management

  • New Financial Advisors

  • Sales


A Day In The Life

1. Virtual environment exercise

2. Hard Skills and Competencies

3. Improve Performance & Retention

Developed for:

  • Banking 

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance Agents

  • Management

  • New Financial Advisors

  • Sales


Eliminate Guesswork From The Hiring Process

1. Predictor of Performance

2. Scientifically validated

3. Boost selection, training & development

Customize with validated add-ons:​

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Emotional Quotient

  • Positive Person Inventory

  • Cognitive Skills


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