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Welcome to Calidad Talent Solutions where we connect quality professionals to great opportunities nationwide.

We help you customize your staffing solution and find your ideal candidates through our highly focused processes and services.

Our recruitment partners are true business partners, streamlining how your company fills critical roles.

At Calidad Talent Solutions, we use a multi-level matching process to bring you only those candidates who are ready to make a positive, long term impact on your business.

Our recruitment partners don’t simply provide you with a list of people whose resume matches your requirements. We dig deeper. Our partners evaluate how closely each individual’s needs, work styles, and career aspirations fit your organization to find those who truly have what you need.


Our Clients trust us with their candidate search so they have time to focus on what matters most.  We are passionate about developing long-term relationship-based partnerships. 

Our talent community works with their recruitment partners who will focus on learning your true capabilities, and aspirations, allowing us to deliver career opportunities that are the right fit for you now and your future. We are here to help you reach your professional goals.

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